Saturday, June 2, 2018

We “Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools” are the manufacturer and supplier of Biomass briquetting plants which are designed for the manufacture of briquettes, solid fuel, from industrial, agriculture and forestry wastes. The briquette technology uses high mechanical pressure with no binders and chemicals applied.

Biomass briquetting project is a green plan that produces renewable green fuel from agricultural wastes. Though broad amounts of extra agricultural residues are available in India, it is the best project to overwhelm several problems which comes in management of these wastes. With the growing of the awareness towards ecofriendly and non conventional fuels, biomass briquetting has become golden opportunity to create an extra income. The set up of biomass briquetting plant is totally profitable investment. Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is ever ready to help in settle up the project at your choose destination. Moreover, if any problems arise during installment of plant, then our people are always present for any problems and will definitely solve your problems.

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